How to Pack Thing in Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Eid Al-Fitr is the day when many people return to their hometown. The immigrants in big cities have started preparing for Eid Al-Fitr. After making physical preparations and vehicles, now travelers will be busy with the arrangement of goods in the car. Arrangement of these Rooftop Cargo Carrieris intended for comfort, safety and even safety driving.
To make it easy to organize Rooftop Cargo Carrier before traveling, here are tips on packing things up:

How to Pack Thing in Rooftop Cargo Carrier
How to Pack Thing in Rooftop Cargo Carrier

1. Priority goods
Travel with long distance with a long enough time would require some supporting goods that will one day be used in emergency conditions. For that, make sure the important items are at the top. Important items include for emergency conditions such as medicine boxes, flashlights, umbrellas, sweaters, tool kits, even food and beverages in an easily accessible place.
2. Arrange the luggage
The long journey across the terrain has the potential to make the luggage so messy with shock. For that, arrange luggage neatly and densely and if necessary use cargo net to keep the luggage fixed in place even shaken though.
3. Do not accumulate a lot of stuff on the roof
Bringing lots of stuff on the roof is potentially car stability so not recommended. If it is forced to carry goods using roof rack, make sure tightly bound and tightly closed

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To prepare a trip to the city of origin, first buy Rooftop Cargo Carrier to carry the goods to be carried. So that the space in the car is not exhausted to set luggage. The price of roofrack currently varies from 1.5 million to 2.5 million for cheap, while for prices above 3 million are already classified as middle class (quality), big / small roofrack also affect the price which is usually small roofrack used for car city car and of course the price is cheaper than roofrack for MPV cars.

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