Mesothelioma meaning treatment steps that may be recommended by doctors

Based on the considerations stages of mesothelioma meaning, there are several treatment steps that may be recommended by doctors, namely:

– Chemotherapy, therapeutic treatment with anticancer drugs to destroy or inhibit the growth of cancer cells that cannot be removed through surgery. Chemotherapy can be done before or after surgery to shrink the tumor, facilitate the process of removing the tumor, and reduce the risk of cancer reappearing.

– Radiation therapy (radiotherapy), therapeutic treatment with X-rays and proton rays focused on certain areas of the body. Radiotherapy is usually done after the patient has undergone an operation procedure, to remove the remaining cancer cells. This treatment therapy is also done to reduce the symptoms of advanced cancer when surgery is not possible.

-Operation. Surgery is done when mesothelioma is still in its early stages. There are several choices of actions that a doctor might take during surgery. Among others are:

  1. Appointment of cancer cells as much as possible from the patient’s body. This action can support the treatment of patients with radiotherapy to reduce pain and inhibit cancer growth.
  2. Suction of fluid due to accumulation of fluid in the chest area that can interfere with breathing. This is done by inserting a catheter tube into the chest to suck up the liquid. Doctors can also inject drugs to glue the pleural cavity so that the liquid cannot accumulate again. This action is known as pleurodesis
  3. Removal of tissue around the abdominal cavity, ribs, or lung affected by cancer cells.
  4. Appointment of affected lung organs and surrounding tissue. This procedure is usually followed by radiotherapy.

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