Principle of auto insurance comparative quotes

Principle of auto insurance comparative quotes
Principle of auto insurance comparative quotes

For rare natural disasters insurance will bear all the risks of natural disasters such as floods, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tsunamis, storms and earthquakes. But instead of none, there are also some insurance that will accept all the risks of natural disasters. If you choose a complete natural disaster then when the vehicle hit fallen trees or billboards falling due to strong winds or earthquakes will be replaced by the insurance.

Most insurers are only willing to accept the risk of flooding. If you are exposed to flood during highway, immediately turn off the engine and insurance phone to tow your car. Because if you force still running amid floods and water into the machine, usually the insurance does not want to replace the engine damage.

In principle of auto insurance comparative quotes, insurance is a risk transfer agreement between the owner of the object of the insured (insured) and the insurance company (the insurer) in accordance with the basic principles of insurance. In this case, you transfer the risk of loss that may occur to your vehicle to the insurer by paying a premium.

Determine the type of coverage according to your needs. Understand the policy (agreement) between you and the insurer. It is important to read what is included in the coverage and what conditions are excluded. It is important that you as a full holder of the control of your vehicle, still trying to maintain the safety of your vehicle.

Basically, vehicle coverage consists of 2 types of coverage, namely:

  • Basic Cover. Basic type of coverage of the vehicle. This type of insurance is mandatory in every vehicle insurance policy. There are 2 basic coverage options namely Total Loss and All Risk (or Comprehensive)
  • Extended Cover. Expansion of coverage. Such as Legal Responsibility to third parties, Personal Accident to drivers or passengers, Flood, coverage of flood risk, Riot, etc.

Honda Insight Prototype 2018 car release dates

Honda Insight Prototype 2018 car release dates
Honda Insight Prototype 2018 car release dates

When Honda made Insight the first time, in their minds is to make environmentally friendly hybrid cars that can make the Toyota Prius shaking. Unfortunately, Honda Insight is only able to follow the tip of a Toyota Prius nail, because when the Prius has continued to the latest generation, Insight even stop production because of minimal sales. Fortunately, Honda had FCX Clarity as a hydrogen-powered environmentally friendly car.

Now, Honda Clarity has a more “magical” design than the more normal FCX Clarity. Not all can directly “click” with Clarity design, and it seems Honda is aware of it. Because it is impossible to revise the Clarity that now exists, Honda better make new cars. Well, so here’s the Honda Insight Prototype 2019 which has left the original 5-door hatchback form and turned into a 4-door sedan. Admittedly, this is cool! Everybody has been waiting for 2018 car release dates from Honda news

In fact, if allowed to talk, this is much cooler than the Honda Accord 2018 which will enter Indonesia next year. The new Insight does not have designs that force to be futuristic; he prefers to understand the design of a normal sedan that looks glorious looks and self-identity. The face had a large Solid Wing Face silhouette, but it did not buckle. Slink headlights plus LED DRL plus front bumper is simple and fitting.

The rim of the design is similar to the fan, and the side profile of this car like the enlarged Civic Turbo, even the pull of the design line on the bottom side was similar. From the back side, the LED lights are shaped like Audi or Maserati Ghibli cars. Unfortunately this car does not have a dual rear exhaust like the Civic, but if there is and placement is more neat than have a Civic Indonesia, will look more likely sip.

The new Honda Insight interior has components similar to the Accord, but its dashboard design concept is the same as the new Toyota Camry: Asymmetric. Honda said, the new Insight has a new style, new packaging, premium features and improved performance. If from the cabin does look pretty though not European premium. Duh, this should be a new Honda Accord, and Honda Accord is now Insight.

The new Insight will carry a hybrid system with 2 electric motors, but unfortunately no further details. Honda Insight 2019 will debut at the Detroit Auto Show next January and is ready for production at Honda’s Greensburg, Indiana, United States. What’s your opinion about this new Honda Insight? Is it sweeter than the Accord or vice versa?

How to Pack Thing in Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Eid Al-Fitr is the day when many people return to their hometown. The immigrants in big cities have started preparing for Eid Al-Fitr. After making physical preparations and vehicles, now travelers will be busy with the arrangement of goods in the car. Arrangement of these Rooftop Cargo Carrieris intended for comfort, safety and even safety driving.
To make it easy to organize Rooftop Cargo Carrier before traveling, here are tips on packing things up:

How to Pack Thing in Rooftop Cargo Carrier
How to Pack Thing in Rooftop Cargo Carrier

1. Priority goods
Travel with long distance with a long enough time would require some supporting goods that will one day be used in emergency conditions. For that, make sure the important items are at the top. Important items include for emergency conditions such as medicine boxes, flashlights, umbrellas, sweaters, tool kits, even food and beverages in an easily accessible place.
2. Arrange the luggage
The long journey across the terrain has the potential to make the luggage so messy with shock. For that, arrange luggage neatly and densely and if necessary use cargo net to keep the luggage fixed in place even shaken though.
3. Do not accumulate a lot of stuff on the roof
Bringing lots of stuff on the roof is potentially car stability so not recommended. If it is forced to carry goods using roof rack, make sure tightly bound and tightly closed

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To prepare a trip to the city of origin, first buy Rooftop Cargo Carrier to carry the goods to be carried. So that the space in the car is not exhausted to set luggage. The price of roofrack currently varies from 1.5 million to 2.5 million for cheap, while for prices above 3 million are already classified as middle class (quality), big / small roofrack also affect the price which is usually small roofrack used for car city car and of course the price is cheaper than roofrack for MPV cars.