Create an actor for Android Games

Create an actor for Android Game. An actor is any object that moves or can be interacted in a game (player, enemy, door, etc.) You will need to create an actor for each object in your game. To create an actor, click the “Actor Types” option on the Resources menu. Select the Actor you want from the list (the list is determined from the kit you selected).

Put the actor on Group (Players, Enemies). This will help determine the actor’s collision property. Choose your actor to open Actor Editor (Actor Editor). Then click the Properties tab, and select the appropriate group from the drop down menu.

Create an actor for Android Games

Choose behavior (jumping, stepping on, and running). Behavior is what allows your actor to do something. Click no Behaviors, and click the “+ Add Behavior” button in the lower left corner. Select the behavior (such as “Walking”) from the list, then click “Choose”.

Set the controls. If you create a player character, you will want to allow players to move it. When you add Walking behavior, you’ll be taken to the Walk attribute screen. You can use the menu to select what keys will move the actors left and right. You can install an animation too if the kit you use contains it. You can add a lot of behavior and manage what the actors can do.

Add more. Now you have a scene that works and can be played, now it’s time to build the whole game. Add levels and challenges, and keep your additional tests to make sure they are fun and working correctly. Read this article: Android Games Hack No Human Verification

Site Lock your game. If you are going to upload a game on a site that holds Flash games, or upload to your own site, you should use “Site Lock”. This will prevent your game from playing if it is not on the list of allowed sites.

Go to “Game Settings” from your “Resources” tree. Select the “Loader” section. Enter the sites that you allow in the “Site Lock” box, separated by commas and without spaces. For example,,

While still on this screen, enter your home page into your “Your Home Page” box, if you have it. This will allow players who play your related games on your site

Watching Korean dramas at lk21

Watching Korean dramas at lk21
Watching Korean dramas at lk21

Some teenagers, especially girls’ teenagers, are very fond of watching Korean dramas at lk21. There are still some teenagers who like to watch other soap operas, but still a bit more similar to their tastes that similar to Korean drama.

Actually, why Korean drama attracted so many girls? Why are there so many teenagers who are so crazy about Korean drama? According to my observations, there are several reasons that make Korean dramas more interesting to watch than other soap operas at lk21.

  1. Actors and Actress Appearances Very Attractive

It’s not unusual for Koreans to have a nice face to look at. The actor is handsome; the actress is beautiful and cute. Some of them may have best makeup on the eyelids and nose.

  1. Actor/Actress very suit their roles

Sometimes I wonder why I can really fall in love with an actor or actress in a Korean drama. Some actors or actress K-Drama is a singer who joined in boy band or girl band. In the singing group, I don’t fancy the actor. Strangely, while watching the drama he played, I became in love. How come?

Come to think of it, it seems that acting is very supportive. The way he plays the characters in the drama is very fitting; making the audience so fall in love with the characters he plays.

  1. Soundtrack Sound Very Good

It’s not strange that Korean dramas are always surrounded by songs called soundtracks. The audience is not only remembering the plot of a drama, but also remembers the soundtracks. Korean drama is very creative and varied in insert soundtrack. Sometimes, one character in K-Drama is represented by one soundtrack. The lyric of the soundtrack is very fitting for the character.

  1. The Story Tends to Be Courageous

Korean dramas tend to dare to ‘play around’ with the plot. Although there are some scenes that look cliché or even some Korean dramas that have the same story background, still the audience made mesmerized. There is always one unique thing that makes the drama storyline look as if it looks interesting. In fact, not infrequently some Korean dramas adapted stories from Japanese dramas, Japanese Manga, even Korean Manwa. Surprisingly, the cultivation and development of the story seem unique.

  1. Shooting is nice to see

This is one of the things that make me chuckle awe each time watching K-Drama. How can you take a shoot and give a special effect? The term, this is just a drama, not a movie box office big screen. Why should film shooting be as cool as that?

In Korean drama, in my opinion, there are shoot details that are really nice to look at. It’s so cool. The latest drama that has a cool shoot and editing technique is the opening drama You Who Came from The Star and episode 5 drama Flower Boy Next Door

  1. Supporting actor or actress plays good acting as good as the leading actor or actress. Therefore movie is worth to watch

Honda Insight Prototype 2018 car release dates

Honda Insight Prototype 2018 car release dates
Honda Insight Prototype 2018 car release dates

When Honda made Insight the first time, in their minds is to make environmentally friendly hybrid cars that can make the Toyota Prius shaking. Unfortunately, Honda Insight is only able to follow the tip of a Toyota Prius nail, because when the Prius has continued to the latest generation, Insight even stop production because of minimal sales. Fortunately, Honda had FCX Clarity as a hydrogen-powered environmentally friendly car.

Now, Honda Clarity has a more “magical” design than the more normal FCX Clarity. Not all can directly “click” with Clarity design, and it seems Honda is aware of it. Because it is impossible to revise the Clarity that now exists, Honda better make new cars. Well, so here’s the Honda Insight Prototype 2019 which has left the original 5-door hatchback form and turned into a 4-door sedan. Admittedly, this is cool! Everybody has been waiting for 2018 car release dates from Honda news

In fact, if allowed to talk, this is much cooler than the Honda Accord 2018 which will enter Indonesia next year. The new Insight does not have designs that force to be futuristic; he prefers to understand the design of a normal sedan that looks glorious looks and self-identity. The face had a large Solid Wing Face silhouette, but it did not buckle. Slink headlights plus LED DRL plus front bumper is simple and fitting.

The rim of the design is similar to the fan, and the side profile of this car like the enlarged Civic Turbo, even the pull of the design line on the bottom side was similar. From the back side, the LED lights are shaped like Audi or Maserati Ghibli cars. Unfortunately this car does not have a dual rear exhaust like the Civic, but if there is and placement is more neat than have a Civic Indonesia, will look more likely sip.

The new Honda Insight interior has components similar to the Accord, but its dashboard design concept is the same as the new Toyota Camry: Asymmetric. Honda said, the new Insight has a new style, new packaging, premium features and improved performance. If from the cabin does look pretty though not European premium. Duh, this should be a new Honda Accord, and Honda Accord is now Insight.

The new Insight will carry a hybrid system with 2 electric motors, but unfortunately no further details. Honda Insight 2019 will debut at the Detroit Auto Show next January and is ready for production at Honda’s Greensburg, Indiana, United States. What’s your opinion about this new Honda Insight? Is it sweeter than the Accord or vice versa?

How to choose a good Runners Choice shoes

How to choose a good Runners Choice shoes
How to choose a good Runners Choice shoes

Sometimes when you want to run, whether it’s a morning run in the complex, on campus, or when car free day, we always think about what cool shoes to use. Perhaps initially, when the first run, we think that to run the important shoes used are on display shelf running shoes.

In fact, in addition to how we choose shoes based on the shape of the foot or the material, the most important thing to remember is what kind of run we will do.

But do not get the wrong choice of shoes, because the shoes are not right will make us potentially affected by injury. As quoted by expert from said running exercise is beneficial to heart and blood vessels, as well as mental. However, he thinks injuries always haunt runners about 70% if he/she wearing wrong shoes. So, how to choose a good Runners Choice shoes?

  • Try your shoes after you exercise or after running. At this time, your feet are at the greatest size.
  • When trying on shoes, use socks that you use to exercise.
  • When using shoes, you should be able to move your toes freely.
  • Good shoes will make you instantly feel comfortable when worn. No need to get used to use several times until it feels comfortable.
  • Try walking or running for a moment with your shoes. Feel the shoes feel comfortable when worn.
  • Rearrange your shoelaces from the very end. Tighten with equal force along your feet.
  • When you are running, good shoes will give a good “grip” on your heels. Your heel is not easy to “slip” as you walk or run.

If you do the same exercise three or more times a week, you need shoes that are specific to your type of sport. So which shoes will you choose for best Runners Choice

Clash Royale Hack In Acquiring the Gold from The Game

There are several Clash Royale hack ways in order to obtain the Gold from the game. It is very important to know about it, since the gold is the main matter in the game and played important role to enrich player. The first way is to win the battle as much as possible. After winning the battle, you can get gold and also gems, but in fact it is not an easy task, since each stage you will face with harder enemy. Then another way is to help the other player by join play. This strategy is the best to obtain the gold, and you can also learn a game strategy from your mates in the join game. In fact, doing join game will give you many possibilities to win, and to obtain more golds. Therefore, it is recommended to join play with other player.

Another Clash Royale hack strategy to win the gold is by donating the help to other players. It will help you a lot. It seems to be the noble deed are paid with the gold. Therefore, when you check your chest after donation, you can see there are some gold added. And also don’t forget to always check your chest in the game to see the gold and gems added to your account.

Those are the Clash Royale hack strategy to get the gold and gems in the game. There is also the last way, which is directly request to the Clash Royale game. You can go to the setting and write the help there, by telling them that you want to have battle but you don’t have enough gold amount to equip your character. It seems to be gambling, since they might not answer your request, but you can try it. In case you are lucky, you will see there are many gold and gems have been added on your chest, and then you can continue to play the game.

Mobile Legend Event in Jakarta – Are you a MOBA Mobile Legends game enthusiast? Surely you already know dong if final Mobile 2018 Southeast Asia Mobile legends being held in Gandaria City on 22-23 July 2017 (Saturday-Sunday). From the event you can watch the top eight teams in Indonesia competing for national titles and representing Indonesia in Southeast Asia next month against national champions from Thaliland, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore.

You are Legends gamers of in Jakarta and surrounding areas, can watch live matches in Gandaria City. The quarterfinal match will take place on Saturday and the semifinals and finals will take place on Sunday. You can also watch the cosplay excitement. In addition to watching together Mobile Legends gamers, you can also get free Mobile Legends item code. The first 1000 guests per harin will get 200 tickets, Double BP Card (3 days), Double EXP Card (4 days), Premium Skin Fragment *20, Layla Gun and Rose Ski Trial Card (7 days). For those of you who are unable to attend, you can also watch the game at Bigo Live starting at 11 noon. The event is also supported by Codashop, where you can buy Diamonds, buy Starlight Members, and top-up Mobile Legends.

What are the advantages of Codashop? No credit card required, payment can be made with various options, ranging from Indosat, Telkomsel, XL, H3I, ATM / bank transfer, Alfamart, Bitcoin, and Doku Wallet. The trick is also very easy, because you do not need to register or login, simply enter your Mobile Legends user ID. This is an advantage for gamers who have spent their time playing their favorite games and getting feedback from the game service providers. So the gamers also feel noticed by the game providers, so that the gamers remain faithful in playing the game. Gaming providers must be able to keep their game users in order to stay afloat in the already sophisticated era and a lot of competing game makers.

New Jungle Arena and New Dart Goblin Card

New Jungle Arena and New Dart Goblin Card
Latest Clash Royale Hack Update – Hello dear clasher wherever you are, after a long time not update the article about clash royale game, this time I will share about the latest update information clash royale that presents new arena (Jungle Arena) and new card (Dart Goblin ).

Jungle Arena and New Dart Goblin Card -this latest update certainly gives good news for the clasher around the world, the article this Clash Royale Hack gives an indication of never die because it always update, of course this adds to the new excitement and challenge that makes clash royale game remains in love by many gamers all over the world.

Jungle arena is Clash Royale’s newest 9 arena and the cards that will open in the arena are Dart Goblin and some other card cards, Arena 9 has a look like Goblin area so the open Deck inside is Dart Goblin, for more details please see the following video. To play in the Jungle Arena, you have to reach the trophy 2600 first, on the 9th arena it is definitely the Chest-chest that got after the battle is a Chest that many bonuses like gold, xp and even new Dart Goblin “not as much as Chest bonus arena 10”.

The goblin dart statistics at level 1 are as shown in the following figure, Hitpoins 123, Damage 53, Air and Land Target, range 6.5, Damage per Second 75, Hit Speeds 0.7 seconds, 1 second deploy time. The popular “Dart Goblin” deck often used by experts or top players is seen in the following picture, this combination of decks is powerful enough to destroy and defeat the enemy. Here at a glance information about the latest update of clash royale game that is the presence of new arena Jungle Arena and Dart Goblin card, of course with the presence of this update can add our excitement in playing Clash Royale Hack, umpteen and thank you may be useful, regards clasher!

Eating Vegetables, Protein and Good Fats Foods for Diet

Eating Vegetables, Protein and Good Fats Foods for Diet
Eating Vegetables, Protein and Good Fats Foods for Diet

If it is possible, replace the consumption of rice as your carbohydrate source with wheat, such as whole wheat bread, or oatmeal. Although both sources of protein, but wheat fiber will make it feel full longer, so you will easily reduce the intake of carbohydrates. For one week, in general this way can reduce weight up to 5 pounds.

How to lose weight 8 kg in the next 1 week is to consume various types of vegetables, adequate protein and fat intake. Well, for the protein itself, in a day at least the human body needs approximately 20-50 grams of protein every day. This is what can make the metabolism in the body more smoothly and will help burn fat. You can get protein from various types of healthy foods such as egg whites, shrimp, chicken, meat, salmon, and so on.

Eating more vegetables can also be one way to get the body done in 1 week. Some types of vegetables such as cucumber, lettuce, cabbage, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, and spinach can help you launch a diet program and also maintain a healthy body. Although you eat a lot of vegetables, you do not have to worry because you will not be overweight or obese. In addition you are also advised to consume fat. But the fat you consume is obviously good fats, fats that have some health benefits for the body. One is to help you lose weight.

Best Weight Loss Pills 2018 has been around for years and has been known as good diet supplement with good quality and affordable price. Therefore, taking Best diet pills 2018 can be one of the solutions for fast diet tips. People might be wonder what diet foods are the best but do not worry, foods such as vegetables, fruits and low fat milk are good for diet.

If you watch yourself at home

If you watch yourself at home
If you watch yourself at home

One of the strengths of horror movies is in music and sound; try to reduce your voice or your ears when watching. When you watch a horror movie without a sound, it is guaranteed that the terrible aura of the movie will be drastically reduced. Try to play a silent horror movie and replace the music with comedy music, you’ll be lonely. Well this trick can you apply when having to face a horror movie.

If you watch yourself at home via download film, just reduce the volume so as not to be easily surprised. If you watch it in the cinema, just diligently close the ears when it comes to a scene that would be full of creepy sound effects. You can also close your ear with earphone if you want.

Express all your fears. Scream if you feel horrified or shocked. Not a few of you who averse to watching a horror movie because of shame if caught screaming while watching. But that’s the point of watching a horror movie; to feel the fear, to enjoy the feeling of pounding, for shouting off when there are horrible scenes. So you do not have to prestige and hold your expression when watching a horror movie.

Just let go of your feelings, scream when you’re scared. Do not be embarrassed, usually a lot of friends too if you watch in the cinema! It’s so exciting it’s shouting together. Sometimes you’ll even giggle to yourself remembering your scream or a friend watching you who come to think of it again funny too. Feeling depressed will also come off with your screams.

Some conditions make toddlers behave like babies

Some conditions make toddlers behave like babies
Some conditions make toddlers behave like babies

There is a time of your toddler who has reached the age of 2 years, behave like a baby again. Because toddlers look forward to more attention from mothers

Some conditions make toddlers behave like babies such as 18 month sleep regression. But the most common is when a toddler enters a new world, when he becomes a sister, has major changes (moving house) and has made great progress in the developmental stage

What types of regressions are common in 2-year olds? He again spoke in baby language, whining, tantrums, wetting the bed deliberately, requesting to sleep in the infant. Great progress in the development of children over the age of 2 years, such as learning goes to toilet, stop breastfeeding to the mother and when see having a sister is some of the triggers.

For the eldest children, they usually imitate sister behavior to get the attention of parents who they think deprived the baby sister. This is a normal reaction of 2-year-olds facing major changes in their lives.

If the cause of regression is due to major changes in the child’s life, then regression is one way to convey your toddler’s difficulties in accepting the change and his need for security. By acting like a baby, your child expects you to give her more attention, including hugs and caresses.

Variety of sizes and types of kardus

Variety of sizes and types of kardus
Variety of sizes and types of kardus

More than a year our cardboard shop operates, we get a lot of knowledge from consumers every day, as well as with questions asked, either via smart phone, website, marketplace to consumers who come directly to our store. One of them we try to lift the title of this paper.

Our store provides a variety of sizes and types of kardus, especially large cardboard boxes, for those who need cardboard for their efforts would be easier in choosing cardboard in our store, they bring their products and directly measured in our store which is appropriate. But it is different when consumers need cardboard for moving home or office, we often discuss with them to get the best solution.

What type of goods will be moved? This is the first commonly discussed point, for glassware, and then reading books, we recommend using a type of double wall cartridge because the thick layer provides double protection on the product inside. In addition to the thicker cardboard will be difficult tear, although the card is not fully filled at the end remained strong (not torn) when lifted and experienced shocks.

Then for lightweight and not too heavy we can use single wall type, apart from the more economical price, actually single wall that we sell is sturdy enough to use pack clothes, child equipment, materials from plastic or melamine, or the contents of the drawer that is in your home . Single wall we sell is also diverse, consumers usually ask which one best suits their needs.To gain further information about variety of sizes and types of kardus, you may check:

Best Snowshoes on winter trip

Best Snowshoes on winter trip
Best Snowshoes on winter trip

My attention to choose best snowshoes is quietly huge. The snow that hardened because often trampled or crushed will become very slippery ice. Rubber soles on your footwear can minimize slipping due to slippery. It would be better if the rubber material also has radial contours.
From the above features, it’s easiest to get the boot in a store of nature lovers, but sometimes (I think) is not fashionable. The solution you can search in online stores or from abroad. I myself bought a boot through the online shop. Problem about quantity, yes there is a quality of course there is a price.
The cold air will make the nose runny, and the handkerchief can help you eliminate your snot. Of course you do not want to look snotty in the photo later
One, the air in winter will be much drier than usual. Therefore, do not be surprised, if your lips are easily cracked, your nose is often a nosebleed, or your skin is scaly. Two things you should prepare: lip balm and hand body or body lotion. Both should be with an extra moisturizer, because the usual sometimes does not work. If in the United States, there is Chapstick, which is lip balm with various flavors. But I prefer the lip balm of Nivea. If for its own body lotion that proved powerful is Vaseline with extra protection. No, I’m not paid for those three brands, I just share it.

Granny pods floor plans concept

Granny pods floor plans concept
Granny pods floor plans concept

The exterior design of the house wall with a brick look will look beautiful and attractive when used. When you visit the countryside, you will see many houses made of bricks of Granny pods floor plans. Actually you can adopt this style at home located in urban area. People who come from the countryside and now live in big cities sometimes miss the atmosphere in their home region.

You can have a rustic atmosphere inside the house by renovating the exterior wall with a brick display. However, you need to make sure that the style of interior and exterior look appropriate. This will present a contradictory effect if you have the interior decorated in a modern style, while the exterior is decorated in a traditional style. This makes your home design look confusing because your home is not focused on a design view.

Bricks can be applied not only on walls, but also on floors, benches, and windows. If you want to have a small garden on the front of the house, you can decorate it using this brick. In addition you can use the brick as a vase of flowers inside or on the front yard of your house. Exterior design house with a brick display is even already widely used some countries in continental Europe.

Fleur de lis home decor for minimalist kitchen

Fleur de lis home decor for minimalist kitchen
Fleur de lis home decor for minimalist kitchen

Minimalist House Kitchen Decorating for a minimalist home kitchen decor .If you want to bring a minimalist yet modern Fleur de lis home decor feel you can make it with a semi-open kitchen directly connected to your family dining room. This multi functional semi-open kitchen concept will give a modern impression on your kitchen.

Minimalist home decor in your kitchen will be more perfect by using a kitchen set with materials made of wood. Because the wood will give the impression of simple minimalist home decor in the kitchen
In addition, in a minimalist home decor should also be emphasized that do not put or use items that are not needed for the room still feels spacious and also not crowded.
This is to make your simple minimalist home stay functional.

In order for your minimalist home look more elegant, you can use home decor by utilizing furniture with dark colors. But still typical of a minimalist house such as black and gray
Two colors will give the impression of elegance in your room.

How to Pack Thing in Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Eid Al-Fitr is the day when many people return to their hometown. The immigrants in big cities have started preparing for Eid Al-Fitr. After making physical preparations and vehicles, now travelers will be busy with the arrangement of goods in the car. Arrangement of these Rooftop Cargo Carrieris intended for comfort, safety and even safety driving.
To make it easy to organize Rooftop Cargo Carrier before traveling, here are tips on packing things up:

How to Pack Thing in Rooftop Cargo Carrier
How to Pack Thing in Rooftop Cargo Carrier

1. Priority goods
Travel with long distance with a long enough time would require some supporting goods that will one day be used in emergency conditions. For that, make sure the important items are at the top. Important items include for emergency conditions such as medicine boxes, flashlights, umbrellas, sweaters, tool kits, even food and beverages in an easily accessible place.
2. Arrange the luggage
The long journey across the terrain has the potential to make the luggage so messy with shock. For that, arrange luggage neatly and densely and if necessary use cargo net to keep the luggage fixed in place even shaken though.
3. Do not accumulate a lot of stuff on the roof
Bringing lots of stuff on the roof is potentially car stability so not recommended. If it is forced to carry goods using roof rack, make sure tightly bound and tightly closed

For further reviews about Best Car Rooftop you can visit

To prepare a trip to the city of origin, first buy Rooftop Cargo Carrier to carry the goods to be carried. So that the space in the car is not exhausted to set luggage. The price of roofrack currently varies from 1.5 million to 2.5 million for cheap, while for prices above 3 million are already classified as middle class (quality), big / small roofrack also affect the price which is usually small roofrack used for car city car and of course the price is cheaper than roofrack for MPV cars.